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NEMA provides planning, design, construction and development related advisory services as a valued extension of your organization. We understand that trust and respect must be earned. This begins by creating an enjoyable environment which encourages creative ideas and unequaled solutions. We offer value to our clients by:

Advocating Your Interests

As your agent, NEMA fully represents your interests. That's the bottom line.

Working Collaboratively

NEMA fosters open communication and dialog. We carefully leverage and draw out the talents and information from each team member to flush out problems before they occur. We then use that same talent pool to proactively find the best solutions.

Working Strategically

NEMA’s strategic approach throughout the project ensures desired outcomes are properly planned and efficiently executed. We believe that project managers are responsible for organizing the team and maintaining their focus to solve problems. Our team will provide leadership from conception of the project until its completion.

Mitigate Risk

NEMA identifies and mitigates your project’s risk. We keep all team members focused on project goals, budget and schedule. We have a deep knowledge and understanding about where problems can occur. We will scrutinize each aspect and advise on the risks of the project.


We enjoy what we do! We want the owner and the whole team to enjoy the process as much as possible. A positive team fosters more participation, creativity, thoughtfulness and lasting relationships.

Core Principles

Collaboration, Teamwork, Commitment, Integrity, and Enjoyment


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