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Liberty Warehouse Multifamily /Retail Mixed Use – LEED – Durham, NC

Client: East West Partners

Contractor: Clancy Theys

Architect: KTGY

construction cost: $39,000,000

Services Provided:

Geotechnical Studies

utility coordination

budget control


owner provided items

contractor selection

value analysis

permit expediting

establish gmp

construction management

quality assurance

end user coordination

punch list turnover and closeout

NEMA has been an integral part of our development team at Liberty Warehouse and brought great value to the process through their strategic approach centered around the ownership’s goals, budget and best interests.
 - Bryson Powell, East West Partners



This 246-unit, high-end apartment community is located in an urban, ‘hipster’ section of downtown. The 6 story building includes a podium slab, structured parking deck and retail space. NEMA was engaged to lead the design and construction effort of this large and ambitious project filling half of a city block in downtown Durham. NEMA worked with the team to constantly challenge the design toward efficiency with value engineering in order to achieve the pro-forma budget. Scope included overseeing the demolition of an existing 250,000-SF tobacco warehouse. Challenges included saving, bracing and integrating the existing historic masonry walls into the design. One historic wall was in excess of 50 feet tall and adjacent to a city park and playground.

This project was designed towards and was awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. This rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) evaluates the environmental performance of a building and encourages market transformation towards sustainable design.

LEED features include:

  • high-density building constructed on a previously-developed infill lot, reducing its carbon footprint
  •  built to provide access to open space
  • drought resistant plants installed to conserve irrigation water
  • 80% of construction waste was diverted from landfills
  • framing efficiency practices resulted in less lumber being used during construction
  • 75% of roofing material was designed to be highly reflective to reduce energy demand and reduce the neighborhood heat island effect
  • the building is 15% energy efficient compared with the building standard
  • each unit contains air seals and weather stripping on wall, chases, and windows
  • the building is verified by a third party to ensure a high level of insulation and air leakage has been installed in each unit
  • HVAC duct systems tested to demonstrate minimal leakage of conditioned air
  • the building contains charging stations for electric vehicles, and 5% of the parking spaces are reserved for low-emitting vehicles
  • the faucets and lavatories are low flow and high efficient, and dishwashers are ENERGY STAR certified
  • the irrigation system is highly efficient
  • each unit has dedicated fresh air intake controls
  • all exhaust fans are ENERGY STAR certified
  • the building incorporates over 30 durability strategies that address various potential environmental risks.
  • the building is a non-smoking building and has signage directing tenants to designated smoking areas which are greater than 25 feet from the entrance.
  • outstanding community resources are available within 1/4 mile of the building


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