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Achieving a successful project requires a properly coordinated effort of many professionals. NEMA can act in a “hub and spoke” manor where the NEMA Project Manager is the hub, coordinating and holding accountability for each of the spokes on the team. For organizations looking for someone to handle this complex process, a development or project manager is essential. We work collaboratively with property owners, developers, institutions, architects and facility managers to cultivate effective communication.
We manage the team as it produces its collective deliverables, keeping clients informed and engaged throughout the process. NEMA Management provides the extra leverage to ensure projects are designed efficiently, fit the budget, stay on schedule and perform as needed.

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Lead zoning and site plan process working with local planning and permitting office to ensure compliance and expedited reviews.

Pro-forma / Finance

Create and track project pro-forma and financial goals.

Geotechnical Studies

Solicit, engage and coordinate geo-tech firm to perform initial site studies and reports.

utility coordination

Plan for new power, gas, cable and telephone services. Relocate existing utilities. Provide temporary utilities.

Budget control

Creating and maintaining an accurate and complete project budget from conception through completion.


Guide team with healthy and sustainable building design and construction. Ensure adherence with LEED Certification, Energy Star Rating or other related programs.

Designer Selection

Identify, RFP solicitations, evaluate, procure and negotiate with design professionals.

Owner Provided Items

Coordinate low voltage, security, audio/video, IT, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. These critical components can get overlooked by a project team. NEMA will proactively identify, coordinate, and procure items not included in the contractor’s scope.

Contractor Selection

Identify, qualify, RFP solicitations, evaluate and negotiate contract terms with general contractors to participate in the pre-construction phase as a project team member.

Value Analysis

Create more value by generating value engineering as well as cost saving alternatives during the design. Often performed for budget adherence but also to increase project returns.


Permit Expediting

Coordinate with authorities having jurisdiction to insure proper submissions, optimized review time and communication for a more streamlined process.

Establish GMP

Work with design team and general contractor to achieve acceptable guaranteed maximum price at appropriate stage of design.

Construction Management

Manage general contractor during construction with schedule adherence, RFI’s, change orders and pay application reviews. Generate project progress updates for distribution and documentation.

Construction monitoring

Provide objective analysis of project to determine if current progress will support the project being completed on time and within budget; Perform site visits and attendance at progress meetings; Provide project status information on engineering, material delivery, production, inspection, testing, helping you make informed decisions; Detect possible problems quickly with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays; Review and approve monthly disbursement requests; Review and approval of contractor change orders.

Quality Assurance

Monitor design and construction to ensure all expectations and levels of standard are met or exceeded.

End User Vendor Coordination

Provide coordination of AV, Tele/Data, Security and Furniture with the design team and general contractor throughout all phases of the project.

Punchlist Turnover and Closeout Management

Manage punchlist and its completion. Coordinate transfer of space to user groups and facilities maintenance. Coordinate commissioning and testing. Coordinate all necessary operation and maintenance manuals and training.

Peer review coordination

Coordinate with local Design Firms to ensure documents meet local authorities having jurisdiction requirements to insure proper submissions, optimized review time and communication for a more streamlined process.

NEMA Management holds an Unlimited General Contractors license.









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